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August 2012

Emotions and Addiction Recovery – Depression

The unrelenting sadness and hopelessness that characterized my experience with depression is something I will never forget.  In the grips of depression I often felt paralyzed, not possessing the strength to rise from bed or even to open my eyes in the morning. I felt completely alone, unable to make contact with anyone, not even […]

Working With Women in Homeless Shelters

I like to say, “There are reasons people become homeless – and there are reasons people stay homeless.”   Some people come to shelters because of a short-term unfortunate circumstance; like losing a job, for instance. In this type of situation, temporary shelter and assistance is enough to help them to get back on their […]

Emotions and Addiction Recovery – Index

One of the surest signs that addicts are moving toward recovery is the return of their emotions. Once active use stops, their feelings are allowed to rise to the surface, often for the first time in many, many years. This period can be one of the most exciting – and one of the most dangerous […]