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March 2012

Admitting Powerless – a Defeatist Attitude?

Isn’t  admitting “powerlessness” over drugs and alcohol a defeatist attitude? At first glance, declaring that one is powerlessnesss over alcohol sounds like a sad resignation to a lifetime of battling with the urge to drink.  Fortunately, the truth is just the opposite.  Both clinically and spiritually, this admission is the key to a lifetime of […]

Women and Addiction (Part 2)

In our previous installment, we introduced the July 2002 Caron Foundation report, “Women & Addiction: Gender Issues in Abuse and Treatment.”  In discussing the first part of this report, we paid particular attention to the some of the trends related to addiction among women and some of the reasons women become addicted.  Now we will […]

Women and Addiction (Part 1)

When most people think of the alcoholics and addicts served by rescue missions, they think of the “Skid Row bum” – a disheveled older alcoholic who has lived on the streets for years.  But, especially in recent years, the number of young female addicts who look to missions for help is on the rise.   According […]