Honored as Professional of the Year

Footprints’ board and staff members joined me for the Annual Gratitude Lunch where I was honored as 2019 Professional of the Year at First Call Kansas City’s Annual Community Gratitude Luncheon.

The 2019 Community Gratitude Luncheon was held on Friday, March 22, 2019, at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, MO.

First Call’s Annual Community Gratitude Luncheon celebrates those who work tirelessly to reduce the impact of alcohol, drugs, and addiction by recognizing champions in the field of recovery.

The message of the luncheon is: Recovery is possible, Addiction is a treatable disease and help is available for not only those with substance use disorders but also affected families and friends.

Wayne D. White Recovery Community Center Opens

Wayne D. White, affectionately known as “Brother Wayne,” is the founder of Footprints Inc. in inner city Kansas City, Missouri. He started the organization in 2001 and served as director until his passing on February 28, 2012. 

Brother Wayne was a passionate life change agent in the community as well as a pioneer in substance abuse recovery.  He was a Missouri Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with eighteen years of experience.  A Vietnam Veteran, compassion for his fellow veterans led him to establish the Heroes Home Gate, our short-term residence for homeless veterans, in 2009. His “Life Change Station” model was a true recovery community center before the concept became popular.

Brother Wayne’s passion for the lost and vision for recovery continues to inspire our staff, board and volunteers to be more and do more for the Lord.  We are committed to seeing his vision to reach the addicted and the struggling veteran continue and grow.

For this reason, a new recovery community center, located at 4501 Troost, was named in his honor. Nearly two hundred people from the recovery community and local agencies joined us for a celebration of Brother Wayne’s life. They toured the facility and learned more about the programs and services of the new center.

The goal of the Recovery Community Center is to improve quality of life, prevent relapse and sustain long-term recovery. The center provides education, information, referrals, counseling, peer support services and fellowship for those seeking long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Along with recovery-oriented activities, a computer center is available to provide ongoing instruction in computer skills and job search assistance. The program is staffed by volunteers, as well as qualified addiction counselors and peer support specialists.

Footprints, Inc., the sponsoring organization, is certified as a recovery support provider by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health. Visit their web site

Footprints, Inc. Appoints New Executive Director

Bro. Wayne White founded Footprints, Inc. 2001. He passed away in 2012.

I’ve recently brought my three passions – education, addiction recovery and digital inclusion – all together in one special place of service right here in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

On February 18, 2017, I was appointed to serve as the new executive director of Footprints, Inc. My first project is creating an inner city recovery community center on Troost Avenue that will have counseling, support groups and classes. It will also have a computer center teaching PC and job skills. We’ll be bringing digital life skills, GED classes and other employment oriented training to formerly homeless vets and people who are just beginning the journey of recovery from addiction. This is something very close to my heart since digital inclusion really matters when it helps people who have been struggling gain confidence and self esteem on their way back into the workforce.

Footprints, Inc. was founded by my good friend Wayne White in 2001. He was a Viet Nam veteran himself who overcame addiction. Caring for his military brothers who lost their way was his inspiration to establish our VA funded short-term residence for homeless veterans. His passion and dedication has left a lasting imprint on this city.

I had previously served on the board of Footprints, Inc. for several years. When Wayne succumbed to the effects of exposure to Agent Orange in 2012, I was asked to serve as board chairman to manage the organization through that difficult time. Thanks to being so familiar with things, I have truly hit the ground running – getting things going in a way that I never could have while serving in a volunteer capacity. Long range plans include additional residences for both men and women in early recovery and a permanent facility where veterans can stay after they leave our Heroes Home Gate shelter.

When I returned to Kansas City after serving with HUD in Washington, D.C., I had several interviews but none of them seemed to quite fit. I shared this with my wife and she simply said, “I think you already know what God wants you to do!” So, here I am off on another thrilling adventure in capacity building for a nonprofit with a ton of potential that is meeting incredibly important needs in KC’s inner city.

Learn more at – http://www.kcfootprints.org