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Abstinence: Still the Best Choice?

As a person who has struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs, I would be foolish to drink. But what about the Christian who has never had this problem? Is there anything wrong with what is considered social drinking? I believe there are at least five compelling reasons why abstinence should be the norm for […]

Introduction to E-marketing

Marketing Your Web Site: Attracting Your Target Audience Michael Liimatta, Director of Education, AGRM   Introduction E-marketing is not simply getting lots of visitors, it is attracting your target audience(s) E-marketing is most effective when a variety of methods are used E-marketing efforts must be monitored for best results. Why users return to the their […]

Taking Care of Staff Members

How can we be sure we are taking care of the needs of the program staff members?   Most people working at rescue missions don’t view their work as simply a “job.” They consider it a ministry or, more precisely, a “calling.”  As a result, they tend to be highly motivated employees. Yet, by keeping […]