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Community Development and the Digital DivideHUD User Fall 2016

Nonprofits sue Sprint as shutdown of WiMax network approaches: Kansas City Star 11/01/2015

Public-access computer center joins revival of former Linwood Presbyterian Church in Kansas City: Kansas City Star 11/01/2015

Nonprofit bridges digital divide for Kansas City’s low-income residents: Silicon Prairie News 3/15/2013

Google attempts to bridge the digital divide with Kansas City’s poor communities: The Pitch 10/02/2012

Bridging The Digital Divide In Kansas City | KCUR 9/12/2012

Missing Web Connection Could Mean Missed Opportunities For Kids: KCUR 5/18/2016

Google turns down Rosedale’s Wi-Fi idea: Witchia Eagle 6/28/2012

Google hopes to avoid local pitfalls: Portland Tribune 4/ 29/2014

Another First for Kansas City: Free Google Fiber For Low-Income Housing Residents: KCUR 2/4/2016

Two Google Fiber Chances Aren’t Enough for Some Neighborhoods: Government Technology 6/23/2014

Eating Google Fiber: Cash-Strapped Non-Profit Bridges Digital Divide: Pando 9/ 27/2012

Innovators in Digital Inclusion: Connecting for Good: Benton Foundation

Local Digital Inclusion Pioneer Moving to HUD in DC: NPConnect 11/25/2015

Kansas City updates tech in bid to boost business: TechWorld 10/21/2014