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Addiction Counseling

Respecting Client Boundaries

We previously highlighted the importance of counselors carefully guarding their own personal boundaries while working with troubled people.  Respecting the boundaries of those we seek to help is equally important.  Here are a few thoughts on the topic: A. We must teach and model healthy boundaries – People who grow up in dysfunctional families tend […]

Why Become a Certified Addiction Counselor?

So, what is the Certified Addiction Counselor credential?  And would Christian recovery program staff members benefit from attaining it?  I think there are some compelling reasons to pursue credentialing for anyone considering a career in the field of addiction. A.        Introducing the CAC – The CAC is the professional credential that is the standard for […]

Responsibilities of the Christian Counselor

Take the time to determine the real needs of the people who look to you for help. Help people who look to you for help to identify these needs for themselves. Help people who look to you for help overcome denial if they have and alcohol or drug problem. Identify resources in the community that […]